We know where we belong and therefore we do not offer bikes for adrenaline downhill. Just like our urban bikes, we are urban types as well. Our routes are streets and this is space in which we want and know how to move. We want to be a part of the city life, while at the same time to set our own tempo and own style. Therefore you can customize our bikes just like you want, so they would suit you and your city.


We are a young crew of enthusiasts, who would like to prove to you that the price for high quality nice bikes doesn’t have to be astronomical. We enjoy exercise, but don’t have to climb a 6,000 m high mountain without breathing apparatus. We like ecological thinking, but don’t need to tie ourselves to trees. We share enthusiasm that “bikes have returned back to town“ and simply want to enjoy it with you.


Our goal is for the people on our bikes to feel in the city at home and appear as such to others. The design of our bikes should make you a visual part of the streets and squares. If it is even the least bit possible we want for you to enjoy with our bikes your way to work, for coffee with friends or just discover hidden corners of the labyrinths of buildings.